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Episode 75 “Mando, This is the Way!”

Disney struck gold with the new Star Wars live action series, The Mandolorian. In this episode we talk about out thoughts on the show and why it looks like a great new start for the Star Ward franchise. This might be the way. 

Episode 74 The Tragedy of Dark Plagueis

The Novel, Darth Plegueis, by James Luceno introduced a character that played a pivotal role in the Star Wars Prequel stories. In this episode we go behind the shroud of the Sith and the Dark Side to understand who was really pulling strings to Emperor Palpatine's wicked plans. Thank you Hayden Thurm for being our special guest. 

Episode 73 The Mandolorian Season 1 Fan- Review

This is a special episode recorded at Val Verde High School in Perris, CA. We had a few die hard Star Wars fans, both teachers and students who discussed Disney Plus' The Mandolorian Season 1. Thank you Mr. Vlastos, Mr. Macareag, Mrs. Uribe, Anthony and Dylan for being part of the lively panel. This is the way. 

Episode 70 A FORCE of Underdogs

It's hard to believe we have done our seventh fan-fiction! After the events of the Last Jedi, Princess Leia, Rey, and Rose talk about the future and what kind of hope underdogs possess. This was our first female cast so thank you, Megan Thurm for playing Leia, Autumn Avants as Rey, and Nicki Porter as Rose. Thanks Hayden Thurm for being one of our script writers as well as working with Faith Mc Neil on our sound effects. Maybe the FORCE be with you, always. 

Episode 72: Rebecca Friedlander, Launching your Vision

It's always great to have guest stop by at Neekology101. Today we have creative film maker, Rebecca Friedlander stop by for a talk about her fantastic creative ventures that God has given her to do. We hope that as a Neek or a creative that you launch a vision for how the Lord can use you, too. 

Episode 71 The Hero’s Journey

John Pepe lead out this episode geared toward our writers in the audience. The Hero's Journey is the cycle a character needs to go through in order to have a story worth telling. Thank you for special guest, Matt Martinelli and fellow author for sharing a preview of his coming Sci-Fi story collection. 

Neekology 101 End of 2019 Review

This is a special thank you to our fandom audience. We at Neekology 101 really enjoy being part of your fandom universe. We are excited to end 2019 and get more fun episodes out to you in 2020. 

Episode 69: Monty Python’s Search for the Holy Grail

Here's a flash back to 972 AD and the quest for the Holy Grail. Thank you for the crew of Monty Python and their Medieval comedic journey in the Dark Ages. This where what our, "Knights who say Neek" was inspired by. 

Episode #68 Picard: Resistance is Fruitile

Captain Picard is back with his own self titled series coming January on CBS All Access. We look into what could be a great return of the Captain facing his past in order to move galaxy forward. "Make it so."

Episode #67 My Disney Plus One

Here is the second part of our D23 announcements about Disney's new streaming service, Disney Plus. Are you in for all the great new shows that will be coming to us in November? 

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