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Episode #54 The Disney Snapture

Oh snap! It happened like that. Disney Plus is coming and what does that mean for the other half of the media universe? 

Episode #53 She’s a Marvel

Captain Marvel is finally here. In this episode we talk about our minute predictions before the movie hits theatres. Let's see how close we are to the real story. 

Episode #52 The Aquaman

Surf's up,  Brah! Aquaman has come ashore and made a big splash for DC. In this episode we look at the character of Arthur Curry AKA the Aquaman and his journey to become more than the King of Atlantis, but a hero the world needs. 

Episode #51 The Crimes of Grindelwald

The man in the chair, Ron hosted this Fantastic Beasts review. We learn some interesting details behind the J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter's wizarding world characters. 

Episode #50 Who’s the Brains in this Outfit

Wow! Here we are at Episode #50. This is a fan-fiction based on Bruce Banner and the Hulk's fateful sit down to decide the future of our little green rage monster in the MCU. 

Episode #49 The Joker’s Hystery

The Joker has been seen in so many different incarnations over the years. With the announcement of a new Joker coming to town, now being played by Joaquin Phoenix, we looked at the history of actors who have played him. 

Episode #48 The Star Trek Universe

This is a revisiting of Episode #14 where we look at the ENTIRE Star Trek Universe through the TV shows, cartoons, and movies. 

Episode #47 End of 2018 Movie Trailers

In this episode we talk about some of the movie trailers that wrap up 2018. 

Episode #46 Flash Black to Episode #1 of Neekology101

Hey it's good to do a little reflection from time-to-time, right? Here is our first episode in all it's humble glory. We hope you enjoy a little nostalgia. 

Episode #45 Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack

Hey, our engineer Ron is hosting today! He took over this episode this time to talk about the great songs behind the movie Guardians of the Galaxy 2. We get some background to the music and why they were a perfect companion to this great Marvel film.