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Episode 94 A Fandom Public Forum

Today we talked with Joel Ryan, an actor, creative content developer, and teacher about the need for a fandom public forum. 

Episode 93 The Neek Peak of the Week

We took a little pause as we started 2021 to introduce a new online segment. Every Monday we host a Monday afternoon 15 minute encouragement for all our neeks. Check it out on Facebook live every week. 

Episode 92 The Star Wars LEGO Holiday Special

We did a quick episode after watching the new Lego Star Wars Holiday Special. Thanks, Autumn and Eli for giving your thoughts on this fun Life Day/ Christmas animated feature. Legos aren't just for kids. 

Episode 91: The Boys are Back in Town

Rudy and John share their thoughts on Season 1 of the Amazon show, The Boys. It is a very different take on the superhero genre. This show is for more mature audiences even with the character content. 

Episode 90: The Lone Wolf Fan-Fiction

Our own Master John Pepe has a new book release, The Lone Wolf. To advertise his fantasy adventure tale we created a fan-fiction that shares two of the main characters, Caladin and Remence, discussion Orcs and their place in the world. 

Episode 89 Season 2 Preview The Mandolorian

Yes, we are excited about seeing Star Wars The Mandolorian Season 2. Aren't you? We will see  if our predictions are true 

Episode 88 Bill& Ted FINALLY Face the Music

Bill & Ted are back for the conclusion of the destiny to save reality as we know it. in Bill & Ted: Face the Music we get an excellent and most non-non-henous view into the life of Bill S. Preston Esgire and Ted "Theodore" Logan 25 years later.  

Episode 87 Tribute to Chadwick Boseman

We lost a great man in Chadwick Boseman. He was a man of character who left behind some great movie roles that impacted the world as well. 

Episode 86 Awaking Dr. Sleep

Welcome Angie Martin and the genre of Horror to N101. We are excited to have a female perspective on a great sequel to a classic movie, The Shining. Today we look at the sequel, Dr. Sleep and the life of Danny Torres, (Who is here, Mrs. Torres). 

Episode 85 The Imaginarium

What's in your Imaginarium? That's the creative world in your head that wants to do something with your imaginative ideas. Today we talk about ways to generate and revive those creative juices and get your ideas rolling again. 

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