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Episode #64 The Eiiiiiighhhhhs of Sauron

What do our villains do that make our heroes into better people? I guess you need to listen to this episode to better understand. Let's just say that a a cautionary tale a day keeps the character of a person in play. 

Episode #63 The Excellent Journey of Bill & Ted

Time for a rather non-heinous discussion about to great gentlemen, Bill S. Preston Esquire and Ted "Theodore" Logan who are the Wyld Stallions. The classic Bill & Ted movie series is about to possibly take a new turn with a third installment coming soon. Hope we can continue to say: "Be Excellent to each other on, dudes." 

Episode #62 The Fandom Universe

It only took 62 episodes for us to define our multiple fandom podcast. Sometimes it takes a little time to get your traction. If you are a neek who loves more than one fandom and the characters that inhabit them, then this podcast is for you. 

Episode #61 Oh, What a Spiderverse We Weave.

This must be the season of Spiderman. Spiderman into the Spiderverse has introduced us to not one, but multiple versions of the friendly neighborhood web head. In this episode we will talk about this latest superhero installment and how it is connected to the larger Spiderverse. 

Episode #60 A Forceful Mind Fan Fiction

This is our sixth fan-fiction piece based on the two unfortunate stormtroopers who seem to see the worst that the Empire has to offer. 

Episode #59 Why the Grey Matter Matters

This is our first entry into a short series about the inner workings in the study of neeks. Have you every thought about your brain and what a wonder it is? In this episode we ponder, consider, analyze, what a creative person brain really does and how to care for it.  

Episode 58: GOT Valar Morghulis- All Men Must Die

Neekology 101's Fandom Universe it expanding. This is our first episode devoted to the Game of Thrones and our first fan-reaction episode. Thank you real teachers and staff from Val Verde High school, James, Nancy, Lupita, and Laura for sharing your passion for this epic fantasy adventure. 

Episode 57: Skywalker Rising!

We checked out the Rise of Skywalker the final chapter of the Skywalker saga. Let's see what the boys think will come from this final film...for now. 

Episode 56: The Avengers: End Game Dream Team

The End Game is just a few days away. Are YOU really ready for the MCU's biggest blockbuster to date? 

Episode #55 “Ah…Is this Really the End Game?”

Is this really it for the Avengers? Will life move on after the events from The Infinity Wars and the "Snapture"? We talk about Avenger's End Game and the possibilities that will come to our fateful heroes.