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Episode 96 John Dexter’s Sci-Fi Laboratory

It's nice to have family pop on the show from time-to-time. Today, Gary's brother John stopped by to talk about some of his favorite old and new Sci-Fi features. 

Episode 95 Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight

Batman is coming to town. In this episode we discuss Robert Pattinson's new incarnation of the Dark Knight. 

Episode 94 A Fandom Public Forum

Today we talked with Joel Ryan, an actor, creative content developer, and teacher about the need for a fandom public forum. 

Episode 93 The Neek Peak of the Week

We took a little pause as we started 2021 to introduce a new online segment. Every Monday we host a Monday afternoon 15 minute encouragement for all our neeks. Check it out on Facebook live every week. 

Episode 92 The Star Wars LEGO Holiday Special

We did a quick episode after watching the new Lego Star Wars Holiday Special. Thanks, Autumn and Eli for giving your thoughts on this fun Life Day/ Christmas animated feature. Legos aren't just for kids. 

Episode 91: The Boys are Back in Town

Rudy and John share their thoughts on Season 1 of the Amazon show, The Boys. It is a very different take on the superhero genre. This show is for more mature audiences even with the character content. 

Episode 90: The Lone Wolf Fan-Fiction

Our own Master John Pepe has a new book release, The Lone Wolf. To advertise his fantasy adventure tale we created a fan-fiction that shares two of the main characters, Caladin and Remence, discussion Orcs and their place in the world. 

Episode 89 Season 2 Preview The Mandolorian

Yes, we are excited about seeing Star Wars The Mandolorian Season 2. Aren't you? We will see  if our predictions are true 

Episode 88 Bill& Ted FINALLY Face the Music

Bill & Ted are back for the conclusion of the destiny to save reality as we know it. in Bill & Ted: Face the Music we get an excellent and most non-non-henous view into the life of Bill S. Preston Esgire and Ted "Theodore" Logan 25 years later.  

Episode 87 Tribute to Chadwick Boseman

We lost a great man in Chadwick Boseman. He was a man of character who left behind some great movie roles that impacted the world as well. 

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