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Episode 84 Experience the Audioscape

We love music in all forms. The team looks at how the audio experience greatly affects movies, TV, and even video games. 

Episode 83 The Lone Wolf & Author J. D. Pepe

Hey John, your first book. The Lone Wolf is here! In this episode we pick John Pepe's brain about his first novel and his journey to publication and beyond! 

Episode 82 The Cost of the Clone Wars

We hunkered down for a deeper dive into the characters in Star Wars the Clone Wars. If you want to know more about the characters and their stories check out this episode. 

Episode 81 Clone Wars Season 7

Star Wars the Clone Wars was such an epic event that we had to split it into two episodes. Part 1 deals with the final season of the series and how it tied up the Star Wars saga in a fantastic conclusion. (Even Jon Pepe got excited about this!) 

Episode 80 It’s Called Freedom, Charlie Brown

We wanted to celebrate one of a greatest nation's heroes, Charlie Shultz and his Peanuts gang. In this fan-fiction piece we have Charlie Brown and Linus talking about the importance of the American flag and the people who gave us our freedom. Thank you Gavin McNeil for playing Charlie Brown, Conner Molina as Linus Van Pelt, and Angela McNeil as our narrator. 

Episode 79 The Purtists of Fandom

Not every fandom is made the same. Some books translated well into movies and visa versa. Today we discuss our thoughts when fandom features are made and remade. 

Episode 78 Upward & ONWARD!

Let's take a wild on the fantasy side of the fandom universe. Pixar's Onward is on a quest to bring back magic into the world. 

Join us for a discussion about the boys, Ian and Barley Lightfoot's  journey of adventure, discovery, and the meaning of family. 

COVID Neek Check 2020

This is just a quick hi to see how folks are doing out there. We hope to hear from you all again as we pass through this time of social isolation. 

Episode 77 Star Trek Picard is Engaging

We completed the first episode of Star Trek Picard on CBS All Access. What a great start and we are excited about the treks yet to come. Make it so and Engage! 

Episode 76: We Have 2020 Hero Vision!

2020 has been quite a year so far. We have a number of hero movies in the works that we are excited to see. We also want to give a shout out to all the real life heroes in the media field, police department , fire, and other everyday roles. This one is for you all. 

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